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Why would someone want a PCB array?

September 6th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Panel Guideline

The primary pcb array reason for having your boards delivered is to make automated assembly faster and less expensive. Running an array of boards through a pick-and-place machine is far more efficient than sending them through one at a time.

  1. Arrays are also desirable because they allow the addition of tooling rails, tooling holes, and fiducials, all of which help your assembler.
  2. Arraying the boards will typically raise the cost of the individual boards. This happens because you can get fewer boards on a production panel when they are in an array versus when they are run as individual boards. Even though the individual board cost will go up, the cost of assembling the boards is less because of the array configuration.
  3. Another reason is the board is too small or shape is irregular, it is not manufacturable, the manufacturer have to add rails and tooling holes on the rails which is easier for pcb production fixing.
  4. What’s more, many different pcbs share a panel to spread the cost – saving every pcb money on set up costs as well as materials. Join different pcbs in Co-op Panel (Bare or Finished) and cut production time.

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